The life of Jesus, as seen from an old preacher's point of view.
An attempt to move from 'Knowing about Jesus' to 'Actually knowing Him'.
Posted on 1st March, 2024
By Alan Rigby

More Studies

  • The Jesus Story – Overview

    The sole aim of this series of studies is to look very closely at the Life of the Lord Jesus Christ. Not just the things that He said and did, but also, just what was the motivation behind the things He said and did.

  • The Call of Matthew

    Alan explains how turning to Jesus and putting your faith in Him, as Matthew did, you too can have a completely fresh start in life.

  • A Sick Servant and a Dead Son

    Alan asks, are you living your life in accordance with Jesus' compassion and values, and therefore guaranteeing your path to Heaven?

  • The Woman at the Well

    Alan tells the story of how Jesus meets a woman in what seems to be a chance encounter, and in a few brief moments, her life is changed forever.

  • The Sermon on the Plain – Part 3

    Alan describes how it is only through 'living' our lives as Jesus would, not just talking-the-talk, that we will be ensured entry into the Kingdom of Heaven.

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In Him we have Redemption