The life of Jesus, as seen from an old preacher's point of view.
An attempt to move from 'Knowing about Jesus' to 'Actually knowing Him'.
Posted on 1st March, 2024
By Alan Rigby

More Studies

  • Early Galilean Ministry

    Alan takes a look at the beginning of the Early Ministry of Jesus in Galilee and at the timescales involved.

  • The Baptism

    Alan Rigby talks about a high point in the life of the Lord Jesus Christ - his baptism. After thirty years in obscurity, now the time had arrived for Jesus to begin his public ministry.

  • John the Baptist – Part 1

    Following on from looking at the birth story of Jesus, and the silent years that followed, Alan Rigby talks about the importance of John the Baptist.

  • A Storm and a Demon Possessed Man

    Alan shows us the power of Jesus through his earthly ministry and his miracles, and illustrates how Jesus cares for us all.

  • The Wedding at Cana

    Alan Rigby looks at what happened when Jesus was invited to a wedding, an event at which He performs His first miracle.

  • The Temptation

    Alan Rigby talks about Jesus' time in the wilderness, and how He overcame the temptation presented to him by Satan.

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